ESP8285 ESP-M2 Development Board

Model : WIR-00099

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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10 - 99
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ESP8285 ESP-M2 Development Board


The following are the few advantages for NodeMCU that is based on ESP-M2 and that is 2.4G wifi development Board:

- ESP8285 is equivalent to ESP8266 + 1M Bytes flash

- Compatible with official version Nodemcu board

- It makes you easier and faster to complete the project of Wifi remote home appliances

- Wireless upload program available

- It is built based on the mature and popular ESP8285 technology. You can take advantage the abundant resources available on the web.  

- It has built-in USB-TTL serial with super reliable industrial strength CH340 for superior stability on all supported platforms.

- Antenna Type: Built-in PCB antenna is available.  

- Wireless Network Mode: station / softAP / SoftAP + station.

- Wireless criteria: 802.11 b / g / n.

- WIFI @ 2.4 GHz, support for WPA / WPA2 security mode.

- Working voltage: 3.3V

- IO logic level: 3.3V

- Micro USB socket input current: 500mA(MAX)

- ADC pin (A0) input voltage: 0-3.3V

- Built-in Flash capacity: 1M Bytes

- Clock frequency: 80MHz or 160MHz

- Applications: Smart Car, Home automation, Sensor networks, Industrial wireless control

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Musawi | Mar 3,2020 at 01:28 AM
I have got the board but having some issues with deploying the micropython firmware. 9600 or 115200 baud rate doesn't allow me to prompt. What should I do?
Orionsanta007 | Jan 22,2021 at 02:50 PM
By default, UART0 outputs some printed information when the device is powered on and booting up. The baud rate of the printed information is relevant to the frequency of the external crystal oscillator. If the frequency of the crystal oscillator is 40 MHz, then the baud rate for printing is 115200; if the frequency of the crystal oscillator is 26 MHz, then the baud rate for printing is 74880. If the printed information exerts any influence on the functionality of the device, it is suggested to block the printing during the power-on period by changing (U0TXD, U0RXD) to (MTDO, MTCK)

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