ESP8266 ESP-01 Breadboard Header

Model : BRB-00091

Supplier : Techshop Bangladesh

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Summary ESP8266 ESP-01 Breadboard Header

ESP8266 is an inexpensive serial-to-wifi transceiver chip that can be used to connect any microcontroller with a serial port to a WiFi network. Because of its simplicity and low cost, it is getting popular among hobbyists for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications. ESP-01 model that provides access to the power supply and I/O pins through a 2x4 male header that the pin arrangements are not breadboard friendly and not labeled.  “ESP8266 ESP-01 Breadboard Header” has a 2x4 female header to receive the ESP-01 module and provides easy access to those pins through two single rows male that is breadboard friendly.

  • Supported Chip: ESP8266 ESP-01

  • Memory: 1MB Flash Memory

  • Interface: Serial Communication (RX, TX)

  • Baud Rate: 115200 (Default)

  • Board dimension: 44mm x 26mm

  • Working Voltage: 3.3V (DC)

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