Spark Core - WiFi Development Board (Arduino Compatible)

Model : WIR-00046

Supplier : Seeed Studio, China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh



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Wi-Fi development board.

The Spark Core is an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-powered development platform that makes creating internet-connected hardware a breeze. It is a tiny Wi-Fi development board, open source, widely successful funded Kickstarter project.

This little board packs a punch: with a 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3, the best Wi-Fi module on the market, wireless programming, and lots of pin outs and peripherals, there's nothing you can't build with the Core.

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  • 32-bit STM32 72MHz ARM Cortex M3
  • 128KB of Flash memory, 20KB of RAM
  • Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC3000 Wi-Fi chip
  • EEPROM (supplied by the CC3000)
  • 2MB of external flash memory
  • 3.3V DC supply voltage (with on board power regulator)
  • 50mA typical current consumption
  • 300mA peak current consumption (during transmit events)
  • Can be powered and programmed by USB Micro (cable included in box)
  • 8 digital I/O pins
  • 4 PWM pins
  • 8 analog I/O pins
  • UART (Serial), SPI, and I2C peripherals
  • Wi-Fi range of 100-300ft
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Ratul Khan | Jun 10,2015 at 01:17 AM
any chance it'll be available soon?
A.R | Jun 11,2015 at 06:00 PM
One more month at least.

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