Buck Boost Converter LM2587

Model : MOD-00162

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Buck Boost Converter LM2587

This is the combined buck (step down) and boost (step up) converter based on LM2587 IC. Provide any input voltage between 3V- 35V and you can adjust the output voltage anything between 1.5V- 30V.


It doesn't matter if the input voltage is higher, equal or lower than then output voltage. If the input voltage is lower than the configured output voltage (configured by rotating pot), it will act as a boost converter. And if the input voltage is higher than the configured output voltage, it will act as a buck converter.


Caution: There's no reverse voltage polarity protection at the IN+ and IN- pins.

Input Voltage: 3V - 35V
OutPut Voltage: 1.25V - 30V

Output Current: 2A (Test Condition: Input 9V - 35V, Output 12V)
                        3A (Test Condition: Input 9V - 35V, Output 5V)

Operating temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C
Max voltage regulation: ± 0.5% 
Short circuit Protection (output): Yes (10 seconds)
Input reverse polarity protection: None
PCB Size: 49mm X 23mm (l X b)

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