SparkFun 5V Step-Up Breakout - NCP1402

Model : BRB-00086

Brand : Sparkfun,USA

Supplier : SparkFun, USA

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Summary: DC-DC converter

The NCP1402 is a 5V DC-DC converter. This breakout board will accept voltage inputs between 1 and 4 Volts and output a constant, low ripple 5V output capable of sourcing up to 200 mA. This board is great for supplying power to 5V sensors on a 3.3V board, or providing 5V from a AA battery.

The breakout board includes all of the necessary peripheral components. The input, output and ground pins are broken out on a 0.1" grid to allow easy access on a breadboard.

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  • Extremely low startup voltage of 0.8 V
  • Operation down to less than 0.3 V
  • High efficiency 85%(Vin =2.0V,Vout  =3.0V,70mA)
  • Low operating current of 30µA (Vout  =1.9V)
  • Output voltage accuracy ±2.5%
  • Low converter ripple with typical 30mV
  • Only three external components are required
  • Chip enable power down capability for external battery life
  • Micro miniature thin SOT-23-5 packages
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