360 Nano Bot R2

Model : ROB-00363

Supplier : Techshop Bangladesh

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360 Nano Bot Revision 2 is the all in one robot from “TechshopBD” and upgraded version of the first generation 360 Nano Bot.

Enjoy 4% Discount on total bill on order worth BDT 10000 or more. Enjoy 2% Discount on total bill on order worth BDT 5000 or more.

360 Nano Bot Revision 2 is the all in one robot from “TechshopBD” and upgraded version of the first generation 360 Nano Bot. This very small sized (10 cm diameter) and lightweight robot platform is for people who wants to learn robot programming on a robust readymade platform. If you are getting into the world of robotics and learning the basics, 360 Nano Bot R2 can be your best friend. With it, you can make 4 types of basic robots and learn robot programming in the best possible way. 

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Note: Batteries aren't provided with the product. Get 2 pcs of good quality 18650 sized 3.7V Li-ion batteries to run the robot. Product color (that you'll receive) will be either blue or black depending on raw material (PCB) of current production units.

With 360 Nano Bot you can learn the following.

-    Learn how to use buttons, buzzer, Infrared sensors, Bluetooth, Encoders etc.
-    Learn how to use graphical displays and control DC motors.
-    Make a Line Follower Robot.
-    Make an Obstacle Avoider Robot.
-    Make a Bluetooth controlled Robot that you can control with your phone.
-    Make a Maze Solver Robot.



1. 4 in 1 robot. Great for beginners and intermediate level robotics learners.
2. Arduino Nano Built-in. Programmable with the Arduino IDE software.
3. High quality IR line sensors, obstacle sensors, wheel encoders and built-in bluetooth radio.
4. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery. Battery charger built-in. USB port doubles as programming and charging port.
5. 128X64 graphical OLED display, user buttons, buzzer etc. are included onboard.
6. Battery voltage level notification and Low battery warning. Battery over discharge protection.
7. High quality components with world class circuit board.


Product Package:

1. 360 Nano Bot R2 with OLED display.
2. USB cable for programming and battery charging.
3. User manual (Hardcopy) with passwords for online resources (codes and firmware).


Online Resouces (Check Documents tab of this page):

1. User Manual (Softcopy)
2. All in One firmware and usage (password provided with product)
3. Arduino Codes and Projects (password provided with product)


Warranty and Replacement:

This product is sold under our 3 days replacement warranty and 1 year free service warranty. Click here for T&C.

  • Dimension: 4 inch / 10cm (PCB diameter)
  • Operating voltage: 7.0-8.4 for motors, 3.3V for OLED and Bluetooth, 5V for others
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328P running on 16MHz
  • Bootloader: Arduino Nano
  • USB port type: USB mini-B (similar to arduino Nano)
  • External programmer needed: No
  • USB to Serial Converter: CH340 or FT232RL (might vary depending on IC stock of in-house production team)
  • Motor controller: TB6612FNG
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion 3.7V, 18650 size.
  • Battery Charging Current (onboard charger): 1A (During CC stage)
  • Battery Charger Requirement: USB 5V, current rating should be 1.5 Amps or more.  
  • Battery Charging Time (onboard charger): Test results>> About 2.75 Hrs for two 1000mAh batteries, about 5 Hrs for two 2000 mAh batteries
  • Motor rpm: 250 at 8V
  • Wheel dimension: 42mm (diameter) × 19mm (width)
  • Encoder: Single encoder on both wheels, can provide 24 bits for 360 degree rotation (15 degree precision)
  • Obstacle sensors: 2 IR obstacle sensors, range is about 10cm. Depending on code, precision can be up to 1mm.  
  • LCD type: 128X64 resolution monochrome graphical OLED, SSD1306 driver
  • Bluetooth: EGBT-045 with HC-05 firmware
  • No. of user buttons: 3
  • No. of Buzzer: 1
  • Power LED indicator: Battery voltage level, low battery, battery empty, USB power
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