Aluminum Heat Sink Kit Raspberry Pi 4

Model : MIS-00494

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Aluminum Heat Sink Kit Raspberry Pi 4

High quality "Aluminum Heat Sink Kit" for Raspberry Pi 4 ensures better cooling of the SOC, RAM and USB controller. This will reduce the temperature of the Raspberry pi SOC by 10 to 15 degree celcius during normal operation. These heatsinks come with a pre-applied high quality thermally conductive adhesive pad from 3M on the back.

1. Thermally conductive adhesive on the back, not some double sided tape found on cheap heatsinks.
2. Heatsink for the SOC has square shaped cut-offs ensuring more efficient surface area and better air flow.


Package Includes:

1x 14mmx14mmx6mm Aluminum Heatsink 

1x 14mmx10mmx6mm Aluminum Heatsink

1x 9mmx9mmx5mm Aluminum Heatsink

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