Vacuum Pump - 12V 12L/min

Model : MIS-00459

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Vacuum Pump - 12V 12L/min with tube

Vacuum Pump - 12V 12L/min with tube


Here comes a small and handy vaccum pump. A vacuum Pump is a pump that pulls air and gases from a confined space. This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for most small projects. Saprkfun even used one to make Their very own universal gripper using coffee grounds, balloon and some other parts.

  • Material:Plastics & Metal
  • Size:6x3.8x4.5cm
  • Operating voltage: DC9V ~ 14V
  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Current Rating: 500mA
  • Power Rating: 6W
  • Suction capacity: 12L / min
  • Degree of vacuum: -80kpa
  • Maximum pressure: 120kpa
  • Noise: <65db


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Sajib0189 | Dec 30,2019 at 03:15 PM
can i use it in pump suction for pulling water before pump start?
A.R | Dec 31,2019 at 05:30 PM
We don't think so.

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