L298 Dual DC Motor Controller

Model : ROB-00288

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This motor driver module is based on L298 dual DC motor driver IC. It can control a maximum of 2 DC motors at a time in desired directions and in desired speeds. To use this module, connect the  two terminals of each motor to the blue terminal block connectors and give proper signal to all the enable and input pins. The red and green LEDs indicate the direction of motor rotation. 

It has got onboard voltage regulator for supplying 5V to L298. There's also 3 separate power rails to supply Vin, GND and 5V so that you can use this module as a small power distribution board. The Enable Switch activates/deactivates the L298 IC as well as the 5V rails.


You can also determine how much current each of the motors is drawing by reading voltages of the CSA and CSB pins. Thanks to the onboard current sense resistors.



1. High quality L298N IC ensures maximum 2.5A pulsed current flow for each motor.
2. Big heat sink on L298N IC keeps it cool during high current operation.
3. Option to control speed and direction of both of the two motors.
4. Option to sense how much current each motor is drawing.
5. Enable switch for enabling / disabling the controller board.
6. On board 5V voltage regulator.
7. Power rails for GND, 5V and motor input voltage. This board can be used as a small power distribution board.
8. Power, enable and motor direction indicating LEDs.


Check Document section for user manual, sample connection diagram and codes. 


1) The 5V pins are output pins. Do not provide 5V input voltage to these pins. You can use them to power up your microcontroller and other 5V devices. 

2) Reversing voltage polarity at Vin and GND block connector will permanently damage the L298 IC. 
3) Be careful while using jumpers to short 5V and EnA/EnB. The board will be permanently damaged if you mistakenly short 5V and CSA/CSB.


This product comes with our 1 year free service warranty.

Dimension: 5.5cm X 4.8cm
Max Input Voltage: 25V

Max Current (per motor): 3A (continuous), 2.5A (pulsed)
Sense resistor value: 1.5 ohm. Divide voltage on CSA / CSB pin by 1.5 to read current drawn by respective motor. 

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Al_amin_Ashik | Nov 14,2016 at 08:30 AM
what is the output current and voltage which will be sent to the motors?
A.R | Nov 14,2016 at 09:57 AM
Current= Per channel 3A maximum,Voltage= as given in the Vin pin.Please see the given L298 datasheet for more info.
Anindya11 | Jun 4,2018 at 10:38 PM
Can i run a 24V motor through it? Can vin pin of this module tolerate 24v?

Can the voltage regulator handle 24v and give 5v output through the output pins? Or putting 24v in the driver will damage the voltage regulator?
A.R | Jun 5,2018 at 09:29 AM
Please see the datasheet of L298.
VS= Power Supply= 50 V
Techshopbd | Feb 24,2019 at 10:21 AM
The voltage regulator can withstand upto 25V. Just don't use the 5V rails for powering up other devices in that situation.
ShuvoBarua | Jan 27,2022 at 03:59 PM
Is it possible to run stepper motor by this driver?

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