EasyDriver - Stepper Motor Driver

Model : ROB-00351

Brand : Sparkfun,USA

Supplier : SparkFun, USA

TechshopBD, Bangladesh



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Stepper Motor Driver.

The EasyDriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse (or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed on the EasyDriver). EasyDriver requires a 7V to 30V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor. The EasyDriver has an on board voltage regulator for the digital interface that can be set to 5V or 3.3V. Connect a 4-wire stepper motor and a microcontroller and you've got precision motor control! EasyDriver drives bi-polar motors, and motors wired as bi-polar. I.e. 4,6, or 8 wire stepper motors. 

Note: Do not connect or disconnect a motor while the driver is energized. This will cause permanent damage to the A3967 IC.

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  • A3967 microstepping driver
  • MS1 and MS2 pins broken out to change microstepping resolution to full, half, quarter and eighth steps (defaults to eighth)
  • Compatible with 4, 6, and 8 wire stepper motors of any voltage
  • Adjustable current control from 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase
  • Power supply range from 7V to 30V. The higher the voltage, the higher the torque at high speeds
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Tushar_Abdullah | Jul 26,2015 at 03:03 AM
Can i use this driver to control a 12V 2 amp motor? in other wards is this board capable to handle a 2amp motor. please reply asap.
A.R | Jul 27,2015 at 12:50 PM
Adjustable current control from 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase.
Khalek0196 | Dec 12,2015 at 01:35 PM
at khakon paya jabe amar 3 pic lagbe. pls comments
A.R | Dec 12,2015 at 03:17 PM
This is not coming for this time being. This will come.
Arifur1414 | Oct 18,2017 at 03:38 PM
I was buy one easy driver and connected a nemma17 but driver is heated and sometime it miss to drive nema17 motor .Plz give me solution
A.R | Oct 18,2017 at 04:20 PM
Hello, we do not sell Nema17. What is your order ID?
Arifur1414 | Oct 19,2017 at 01:52 PM
My order Bill no. is 115437.
I not buy nema17 but i was buy one easy driver .My problem is easy driver hot too much. If i touch with my finger it feel too hot .How can I cool this easy driver ?? In easy driver data sheet i saw no need to heat sink. Plz give me solution

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