Multifunctional Tester LCR-T7

Model : TOL-00281

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Multifunctional Tester LCR-T7

Multifunctional Tester LCR-T7 

- 160x128 TFT display

 - Multi function key

 - Transistor test area

- Zener Diode test area

 - IR receiver window

 - Micro USB Charging Interface

 - Charge indicator LED

TC-V2.12k is a TFT graphic display Multifunction Tester.

l         Transistor Tester

-           Automatic detection of zener diode  0.01-30V

-           Self test with automatic calibration

l         IR decoder

-           Support Hitachi IR coding

-           IR waveform display

-           Infrared receiving instruction

l         Other

-           Measurement results using TFT graphic display(160x128)

-           One key operation

-           Auto Power Off(Timeout Settable)

-           Support Chinese and English


Warning: Built-in Li-ion Battery, it is strictly prohibited the tester immersed in water, or near a heat source!

Warning: For your personal safety, please strictly comply with the use of Li-ion Battery specifications and precautions!

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Ariflook | Dec 17,2021 at 03:12 AM
Is it able to test Capacitor ESR?

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