10 DOF IMU Sensor (C)

Model : SEN-00126

Supplier : Waveshare Electronics, China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh



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Combo of gyro,accelerometer,compass and pressure sensor.

10 DOF IMU Sensor (C) is good at motion monitor, as well as detecting/measuring the position, height, and temperature. It would be helpful for making your own copter or balancing robot, provides great man-machine interaction.


  • MPU9255: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis compass/magnetometer
    • Internal Digital Motion Processing™ (DMP™) engine, offloads complicate fusion calculation, sensor synchronization, gesture recognition, etc.
    • Comparing with MPU6050, it is lower power consumption, and more suitable for wearable devices
  • BMP280: barometric pressure sensor
    • Embedded temperature sensor for temperature compensation
    • Comparing with BMP180, it is lower power consumption, and higher performance
  • You can get the 10 DOF data through I2C interface


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  • Power: 3.3V~5.5V (internal voltage regulation with low dropout)
  • Accelerometer
    • Resolution: 16 bit
    • Measurement range (configurable): ±2, ±4, ±8, ±16g
    • Operating current: 450uA
  • Gyroscope
    • Resolution: 16 bit
    • Measurement range (configurable): ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000°/sec
    • Operating current: 3.2mA
  • Compass/Magnetometer
    • Resolution (configurable): 14 or 16 bit
    • Measurement range: ±4800µT
    • Operating current: 280uA
  • Barometric pressure sensor
    • Barometric resolution: 0.0016hPa
    • Temperature resolution: 0.01°C
    • Measurement range: 300~1100hPa (altitude: +9000m ~ -500m)
    • Barometric relative accuracy (700hPa~900hPa, 25°C~40°C): ±0.12hPa (±1m)
    • Operating current (1Hz update rate, ultra-low power mode): 2.8uA
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Walidmafuj1 | Oct 20,2015 at 10:40 AM
I need this one !
Foezahmed | May 13,2018 at 05:22 PM
Please help me with a proper example code for this device. I used both Arduino Nano and mega, but no progress. NO output. :(
A.R | May 14,2018 at 09:38 AM
All official docs and codes are already given in the product's wiki page: Got nothing more.
[email protected] | Nov 2,2022 at 04:11 PM
Can you provide proper Arduino code and necessary libraries link, article,video anything?
[email protected] | Nov 25,2022 at 01:18 PM
is that sensor can work underwater. and is that waterproof?

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