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Function Generator Price in BD

We are selling the best quality and genuine version of the DDS Function Generator at the best Price in Bangladesh. In this pandemic situation, some unscrupulous businessmen deliver faulty or chip quality DC UPS at a tempting price. Please don't get into the trap. We are strongly committed to serving our passionate fans with authentic products only. 


A function generator is usually an electronics device, which is used to generate waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. The most common waveform that a function generator can generate is Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangular Wave, and Sawtooth Wave.

These test instruments are normally used within electronics product development, manufacturing, test, and service departments.



Produces Sine, Square, Triangular, Sawtooth, Resawtooth, ECG, and Noise waveform.

Frequency Range: 1Hz to 500 KHz

Minimum Frequency Step: 1Hz

Amplitude Adjustment: + / - 10V

Output Impedance: 50 Ohm

DC Offset: + / - 10V, can be disabled

Filter: Enable / Disable (For Sine Wave or Pulse)

Power Supply: DC 3.5V to 10V


Advantage of Function Generator:

Sine Wave:

This function generator can produce a standard sinusoidal waveform that is widely used in testing applications.


Square Wave:

Another very widely used waveform is the square wave. It consists of a signal moving directly between high and low levels.


Triangular Wave:

This form of a signal produced by the function generator linearly moves between a high and low level.


Sawtooth Wave:

Again, this is a triangular waveform, but the rising edge of the waveform is faster or slower than the fall.


Resawtooth Wave:

This is just a sawtooth wave. But reverse in direction.


ECG Wave:

For testing and calibration of the electrocardiogram equipment, this function generator has an ECG signal producing system.


Noise Wave:

This function generator can also generate a nose signal. More advanced this feature is called arbitrary waveform generators (AWG).


General Uses:

Nowadays working with an oscilloscope, can be used to troubleshoot the electronics circuit, characterize the audio amplifier frequency response, or measure the impulse response.  


Types of Function Generator:

This FG-100 Function / Signal Generator uses Direct Digital Synthesized (DDS) technology to produce different types of waveform with a wide range of frequencies. 


Hardware Control:

End-user can access all of the features of the generator with some push button, Potentiometer, and on-off switch.   All of the control switches are named Enter, Mode, Cursor, +, -, Run / Stop, Filter, DC Offset, AMP.


Product Packaging:

  • 1 x Function Generator

  • 1 x USB to DC Power Cable


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