34063 DC-DC Converter

Model : DIC-00081

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DC-DC converter control circuit.

The MC34063A Series is a monolithic control circuit containing theprimary functions required for DC−to−DC converters. These devicesconsist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator,controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit,driver and high current output switch. This series was specificallydesigned to be incorporated in Step−Down and Step−Up andVoltage−Inverting applications with a minimum number of externalcomponents.

  • Operating Voltage:3V to 40V
  • Maximum Power Dissipation :1.25W
  • Storage Temperature Range: -0°C to 70°C
  • Maximum Operating Frequency: 100HZ
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Suntop | Mar 2,2015 at 11:57 AM
Excellent IC for BUCK/BOOST regulator ! One of my favorite !

I think it's in the wrong category. It better be in the "Regulator" section, otherwise it might be unnoticed to many people visiting this site !

Here is an online calculator for external components selection for this converter :

Suntop | May 24,2015 at 01:58 AM
Works without Timing Capacitor and Guess-Work Handmade Inductors (Toroid core salvaged from broken CFL Lamp driver and 35-40 turns with AWG 22-26 wire)
for Boosting 12 volt from 3-5 Volt !!
Arman23371 | May 2,2016 at 12:40 AM
Can anyone give me a scheme tic for the boosting circuit

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