AVR Microcontroller Learning Board

Model : DEV-00119

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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AVR Microcontroller Learning Board

If you want to learn AVR microcontroller, and do not have a suitable learning board and supporting routines do not know how to start learning resources, we recommend you buy this AVR learning board, as a person, experience. This is a cost-effective ultra-high AVR microcontroller development board, hardware, rich resources, supporting routine improvement. You can use the USB power supply cable to save power to buy another cost of electricity, it is necessary to external power supply when we have an external 5V DC power connector, leaving the ISP and JTAG interface. 


  • Development board is equipped with a new original ATMEGA32 chip  
  • ZIF40 activity IC Block to facilitate the removal of single-chip re-use 
  • 8 LED light-emitting diodes (Marquee experiment) 6-bit common digital tube 
  • 1 * 4 independent keys 
  • External interrupt button 
  • 4 * 4 matrix keys 
  • DS1302 clock chip (electronic clock experiment) 
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor (temperature detection and display) 
  • AT24C02 I2C external memory 
  • Internal EEPROM read and write 
  • Buzzer (single-chip sound, music performance) 
  • SP232 chip RS232 communication  
  • ADC potentiometer input conversion  
  • 1602 LCD interface  
  • 12864 LCD interface 
  • External power supply interface 
  • PWM control LED brightness 
  • Stepper motor interface 
  • Infrared receiver 
  • 1 relay
  • PS2 keyboard interface 
  • External reset circuit 
  • ISP and JTAG emulation programming interface 


Package Including: 

  • 1 x AVR Microcontroller Learning Board (BK-AVR-M32) 
  • 1 x ATMEGA32 chip 
  • 1 x USB port to DC power jack 
  • 1 x 9-pin serial data cable 
  • 1 x Schematic and Example Program CD 

(Note: need a programmer or emulator to the development board to upload the program). 




Recommended AVR Programmer: 

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