4067 Analog Mux/Demux

Model : DIC-00023

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These are CMOS Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers.

CD4067B CMOS analog multiplexers/ demultiplexers are digitally controlled analog switches having low ON Impedance, low OFF leakage current, and internal address decoding. In addition, the ON resistance is relatively constant over the full input-signal range. The CD4067BMS is a 16 channel multiplexer with four binary control inputs, A, B, C, D and an inhibit input, arranged so that any combination of the inputs selects one switch. 

  • Supply Voltage Range:-0.5V to +20V   
  •  Input Voltage Range,All Inputs:-0.5V to VDD+0.5V    
  •  DC Input Current,Any One Input:±10mA
  •  Power Dissipation Per package:500mW(For TA=-55°C to +100°C)
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