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Customer Service

Our customer service is always ready to asisst you everyway. Though before asking any question to our Customer service please Check our FAQ for answers!

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Technical Assistance

Have a technical question? Check out our Technical Assistance page!

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Order and Purchase

All orders must be placed through our website. Order and Shipping questions: [email protected]

We do not take phone or email orders. Please feel free to order online at any time! For problems with an order or shipment please email [email protected].

If you have an urgent inquiry you may also contact us at:
  • +09 678 110 110  (No phone orders please!)
  • Our lines are open Saturday through Thursday from 9AM to 6PM (Excluding Holidays) .

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Warranty and Replacement


  1. 1 Year Free Service Warranty is applicable only for products manufactured by TechShopBD. That means if any product made by Techshopbd gets damaged by the customer, the customer has to pay only for the damaged component(s) of the product to repair. The component(s) must be available at our website.
  2. For any product which is from supplier “Made in China”, 3 days Replacement Warranty is applicable. That means if you think the product is faulty, you need complain to us within 3 days of purchase to avail replacement.
  3. For products which are supplied by “Branded Suppliers” (Sparkfun, pololu, Seeedstudio, Dfrobot, Hobbyking, Adafruit, Waveshare), 7 Days Replacement Warranty is Applicable. That means if you think the product is faulty, you need complain to us within 7 days of purchase to avail replacement.
  4. No warranty will be applicable for product which does not have any supplier mentioned in product page.
  5. For any 'Marketplace' product, warranty/replacement completely depends on the product's developer. If you face any problem with any 'Marketplace' product, you are requested to contact the developer immediately.  


For claiming warranty, please inform us within valid warranty period by dropping a mail to [email protected]. For emergency, please call 01708166117 or  09678110110. The numbers are open from 9AM to 6PM, Saturday through Thursday (excluding holidays).


Warranty will be void if- 

-          The product is soldered, burnt, physically or electrically damaged or deformed by the customer (except for product manufactured by Techshopbd). 

-          Not followed the additional warnings for individual products given in their product description and/or user manual. 


TechshopBD holds the ultimate right to decide if a product is considerable for warranty or replacement service.


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Backorder Policy

There are two types of backorders: Intentional and Accidental.


Intentional Backorders:

This is when you, the customer, add an out-of-stock item to your cart by clicking the "Backorder" button. We do not charge for intentionally backordered items until they are ready for shipment.

If your cart contains only backordered items, there will be no charge submitted at checkout. When the order is ready to be shipped, a charge will be submitted via the payment method you select at checkout.

If you have some in-stock and some backordered items, you will see a checkbox on the shopping cart page that says "Ship Complete Order". If you check this box, no charge will be submitted at checkout. Once all your items are in stock, the full charge will be submitted and the order will be shipped.

If you do not check this box, we will charge for all in-stock items and the initial shipping/handling upon submission of the order. Once your backordered items are available, we will charge both for them and a second shipping/handling fee. You will receive notification of 2 separate orders - one for the in-stock items and one for the backordered items.

Please Note: If you choose to have in-stock items shipped now and backordered items later, you will be charged shipping/ handling for each shipment.

Accidental Backorders:

This is when our website indicated that there was stock available for your order, but we were actually out. Sigh!

We work very hard to keep our stock numbers accurate. This type of backorder is rare, but there are a variety of issues that can lead to inaccuracies. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will ship all in-stock items right away, with the backordered items shipping as soon as they are available. They will ship via the same shipping method you select during checkout. You will not be charged with any additional shipping charge. A second order number will be generated to accommodate the accidentally backordered items.

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Order Status Information

When you place your order, it will enter through a series of steps during fulfillment.

1) Processing - This indicates we've received your order.
2) Verified - The order is verified by calling or emailing you.
3) Shipped - Your order has been completely packaged and moved to our shipping dock. It's ready to go!
4) Hold - This indicates your order needs human interaction before it can be released for shipment. Orders in this status usually get cleared quickly. We will contact you if we need additional information.
5) Other - There are a few other order status flags but do not apply to the vast majority of orders. If you have any questions, please email us and we'll explain the state of your order.

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Cancelling An Order

If you need to cancel an order, and that order is still in the Processing or Verified status, please call us immediately at +09 678 110 110 or 01841-110-110. The line is open from 9AM to 6PM.

If we are closed when you call, you can leave a message, but due to normal variations in shipping speed, your order may have moved out of a cancellable status by the time we get the message. If that is the case, it will not be possible to cancel your order, despite your timely notification of cancellation.

To avoid any trouble, please make sure you want everything in your cart before clicking 'Place Order'.

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Shipping Policy


We charge actual shipping charge BDT 60 per shipment. We ship via the Five Star and Sundarban courier service. We do not use any other service (till now). We will ship all in-stock orders within 1- 5 business days of placement.

All items are Inspected and carefully hand-packed before dispatching. With standard courier practice, you check the contents of the parcel before signing for your goods. If you do not we cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages. We will file claims for those that are insured. Please contact us directly to initiate a claim.

We will ship according to the shipping address you provided, please notify us any address change before your order is marked "Shipped" to avoid parcel loss.


Shipping Costs

Actual shipping costs are calculated during checkout. For an estimate before checkout, please add the items you intend to order to your cart, then click "Checkout" from the Shopping Cart page. This will provide a list of estimates for the shipping methods available to your selected destination and the shipping cost.The shipping charge is usually BDT 40 all over the country which may sometimes increase with the weight of the package.

Shipping Options

Courier Service

If you chose this option,your products will be delivered by courier service.


Free Shipping

If you chose this option,your products will be delivered by courier service.

Express Delivery (Within 24 Hours in Dhaka Metro)

If you chose this option,your products will be delivered by our team member.


Delivery Options

For Dhaka city: If your shipping address is inside Dhaka city, your products will be delivered direct to your home no matter which payment method you select .
For Zilla cities: If you live in any zilla city, for home delivery, you have to pay through BKASH only. If you select ‘Cash on Delivery’, you have to collect your products from your nearby Sundarban Courier service counter.
For Thana cities: If you are a dweller of any Thana city, we can get your ordered products through any courier service that is available in your locality. We'll send your products to the courier service office and you have to collect those from there. Please remember, to get our service in any Thana city, you have to select 'BKash' as your payment method.

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Same Day Shipping


TechShopBD  guarantees to ship your order the same day you place it IF and ONLY IF your order meets ALL the following criteria:

1) Your order is placed and confirmed within 10 AM.
2) The Delivery Address is within Dhaka Metropolitan area.
3) All items are in-stock.
4) Please be prepared to pay BDT 100 Shipping cost and BDT 15 Handling cost.

Minimum Orders

The Minimum Order Quantity for every product is montioned beside the 'Add to Cart Icon'.

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Sales Tax

All orders with a Dhaka shipping address will include Dhaka sales tax on the merchandised portion of your order.

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You may pay by BKash or Cash-on-Delivery.Our BKash No. is 01841300401.You are requested to make your payment through BKASH if your address is in a Thana City.

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Sourcing products from international market

If you want to source electronic parts from our suppliers via us, just click here to fill up the form. Enter the name of the product and the quantity you need. .You'd better mention your expected delivery date in the form so that we know by when you need the product.Please note that, the product must be available at our supplier's website. For further enquiry,drop a mail here.

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